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Headed up from Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. we are part of a global network of expert partners from the Middle East and North Africa, North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America regions.

Our 50 years combined experience of government services and connectivity across multiple regions enable us to provide targeted solutions for mainly government agencies and senior officials, but also private sector and social enterprises that have an interest in working with government agencies globally. 

For international private sector and investors, we provide more focused services for connecting, lobbying, investment brokerage and advisory support to enter or expand into the Middle East and North Africa regions. We are also able to provide the same support for Middle East-based companies looking to expand outside their region. 

For governments we specialise in core socio-economic sectors such as welfare, health, education, labour markets, business creation, justice, military and defence, training and skills, economic planning, trade and investments. We are able to provide a multitude of decision-making, implementation, strategy, policy, analysis, execution and operational planning advisory services.

Meet The Founder

An Economic Expert with public, private, and international experience. Worked at the IMF in Washington D.C. and in Saudi Arabia in economic policy advisory, technical assistance, research and data analytics.

Dr. Kusay AlKhunaizi