Government Advisory & Research

Evidenced-based decision-making is an increasing requirement for senior decision makers in government and across public sector agencies. Increase demands on front-line services, efficiency making, stakeholders needs, and ever-changing socio-economics require senior officials to make leadership decisions based on evidence – we are the team that supports governments with programme, policy and intervention design and consulting.

Behavioural Economics and Public Policy

New technologies are disrupting the way we behave: our demographics are requiring new technology to meet demands. We have entered an era of the functional economy and the collaborative economy; society is able to propose innovative solutions to complex issues thrown up by so-called disruptors. We are able to develop predictive algorithms to ensure future thinking for governments and geo-spatial economic modelling.

Predictive & New Economic Modeling

We are able to apply a robust method of economic analyses and also utilise psychological insights into socio-human behaviour to explore and explain evidenced economic decision-making.

Government Risk and Mitigation

Identifying and mitigating against risk is essential for all organisations, public or private. ... Identifying the greatest impact and social returns, government leaders require management of risk to enable the likelihood of achieving its primary goal and core strategic objectives

Data Modeling, Dashboards & Indices

For executive decision making on demand modeling, investment analysis, and government economic and financial feasibility for commercial, regulatory and economic advisory for senior public and private leaders.

Global Trend Optimisation

Global optimisation algorithms, in particular: simulated annealing, ant colony and particle swarm are key parts of our services. Through these techniques we support governments with key predictive models for decision making.

International Partnerships

Cross-border partnerships and global strategic alliances are key for stakeholder relations and entering to understand markets. We provide brokerage for key partnerships across/from the MENA region.

Capacity Development

Learning and Development is key to public policy makers, government decision makers, investors and analysts interested in socio-economic development. We are able to provide tailored capacity building and support to private and the public sector through our qualified training experts.

Regulatory Economics

We understand and apply the laws of MENA government or similarly independent administrative agencies whilst economic modeling – we have experience of remedying market failure, environmental protection, centrally-planning an economy, macro-micro modeling and supporting private sector with investment planning.